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Breakfast With Kings podast was started out in the bay with myself Q and KT Da Bigga Figga. We are two men, both as producers and creators thank you visiting our website, we put forth effort to explore & expose some uncovered truths out there, in the meantime we both hope that you guys get a laugh out of it. can you only truly know whats happening out there with the main media news, no? this is why we enjoy talking about social topics on education political scandals corrupt systems injustice technical advantages social trends day to days collisions & film reviews, we believe this is what keeps society improving. By exploring cultural differences we are able to see from a different origin of ideas, ideas that transform into action, actions that lead into change eventually. With the support of our podcast you are already making progress, Vision must also be directed and shaped overtime. Thanks for visiting, Come by and Subscribe under our BWK page or directly through your own operating system. 

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