Twitter Outrage On Many Levels

Since the creation of Twitter, and among various social blogging sites, liberals have taking a liking to the simple idea of censorship, while Facebook have loosen the strings on what's politically correct and what's has been the aim for control twitter has not will the ability to post whatever you want and throw shots at whoever knowing it will be publicly witnessed. 

The Hollywood celebrity Rosanne Barr known for her comic driven satire tv show "Rosanne" recently went on twitter and posted a racial slur, aiming it a the former president Barack Obama Senior Aide Valerie Jarrett "if the Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=VJ," now how do you think twitter and all the rest of mainstream media reacted just as we suspected & ABC who is owned by Disney quickly made an statement to the public that racism will not be tolerated. The show will be cancelled and Roseanne went back to twitter to say how she apologizes for her actions, and it was all just a joke, now was it ?

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