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YES! you have read the title right, many of you are unfamiliar with the term of FIAT which is the  alternative name the the federal government uses and many people in the U.C.C society (UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE). The Blacks Law dictionary (BLACKS LAW dictionary 6th Edition coins the term money as: in usual and ordinary acceptation it means coins and paper currency used as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds,evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate; a medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government as a part of its currency, meaning that the dollar does not actually pay for any debts or purchased brought it is just simply a piece of paper promising to pay when the real money comes around.........


simply for past  centuries the federal government meaning Washington D.C. which is the district of Columbia and its subordinates have been deceiving us right from birth, did you know that in 1900 president William McKinley passed the Gold Standard ACT for us as Americans as to making gold the only currency used to redeem paper money, since at the time gold was to heavy and sparse to trade and carry around they wanted to use a different form of currency, however in 1933 former president FDR and the federal reserve bank wanted more power because without war the bankers cannot WIN BIG thus controlling the economy was a major key point on their agenda, i wont get into who at the time was part of the federal reserve bank just know that in today's world the JP Morgan Wells Fargo are all tied to the ROCKEFELLER'S, so getting back to the subject, during president Roosevelt term he wanted to confiscate the gold as gold been the only valuable currency at the time besides silver coin. The 1933 GOLD CONFISCATION was in fact a bailout and robbery for the federal banks. It was called executive order 6102 that banned all public and private use of gold bars, gold bullion, & gold certificates to be turned in to the local banks and pretty much people wasn't given reason why and what they were going to do with the gold once captured, in return  the citizens where given paper notes for exchange or they purchased property or bonds, YES! the same green dollars we use today its just been perfected with a new face but same ingredient, if you look at a single dollar you'll see  that it says note used and eligible for all public and private debt, however once all the gold had been legally confiscated war had been created and many of the same federal banks which are all owned by the 12 families, that is why there are 12 federal banks. this true, you can do you research and i would prefer you do before HATE on knowledge,

THIS IS CORRECT, what if today President Donald trump enacted through congress an executive order to get rid of all credit cards &  debit cards , he in return allowed along with congress the federal reserve and US treasury granted us a BLUE CARD to use as a single way as all the money we have in our possession to purchase all goods and services, I SAY WHAT A SHAM! they have done unto thee, not only does undermines human nature but a SPIT ON YOUR FACE!, these people are regulating how we spend & invest money. all of this is not to far fetched, gold &  silver was the only means and true value because it held real value, you can create things with gold, not to mention silver can melted down into just about anything and used for many purposes, however if everyone held all the gold and silver we wouldn't need to government as big brother or the European's for credit because the stole they credit (gold& silver)  that we once had as a nation, even in the autobiography of Abraham Lincoln  it said he was approached by many federal bankers to lend him money and in return for us to repay them bank in full plus interest on the loaned money " that is  just like i want to put own money into building something you came around and say no! we can lend you more money that you have but you'll have to pay me back the money plus a interest fee all the while going from town to town and simply doing it the next town fold, but the late slave owner rejected the idea and asked congress to allow money be printed interest free and put into circulation for Americans as a way to improve the economy. Congress did pass the executive order but he was soon later assassinated, just as president William McKinley was, as did President John F. Kennedy. for wanting to stay away from private interest.

In short, the gold was confiscated by the president and his men, then gave us greenbacks and made us pay interest rates on the money that they created out of THIN AIR, yes do your research and you'll find evidence of this, as many presidents have different agendas president Lyndon B Johnson brought back the gold bill to enable us to return or trade in cash for gold, rather gold for cash, yes this has been true in the past and even in today's world, you may walk  into a bank and cash a check, when the teller ask you "how you would like your money" you tell them i would like gold in return but the reaction would be something 3rd world. CRAZY RIGHT! don't believe me? Article 1. section 10. clause 1: of the united states constitution states " that no state shall enter in any treaty. alliance, confederation, grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but GOLD AND SILVER coin a Tender in payment of debts; pass any bills attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of Nobility."  FOLKS! this literally says no other states besides Washington D.C. has the pure power to hand out money in which ever form they choose, it is a fact that the US TREASURY IS A PRIVATE CORPORATION, IRS IS A PRIVATE FOR PROFIT ACCOUNTING FIRM AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OPERATES UNDER ADMIRALTY LAW. all of which you have no interest to profit from, when you use the american dollars you are using it because they are all promise to pay no matter what value of dollar is printed on them. SO!

In short this is important as the american dollar has been decreasing in value since the late 1700's, soon we will be under single monetary system in which all countries will convert over to the euro, the american dollar, or worse something else, yes we are along way from this but in the midst of president trump and his captives anything can change, did you take a look at the new travel ban, or why we all have to get these new REAL ID chips cards? the FIAT dollar is simply a promise to pay debts nothing more, it means nothing, but we all walk around pockets full of cheap lying paper, the REAL MONEY is actually owning everything in your possession along with land, asset's stocks, bonds, trust.etc.. if by 12 eastern time the banks all fail, your money or savings wouldn't be worth shit! it is important to have titles-ship of all things you own and something to hold on to mentioned above up! 



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