Earthquake In Hawaii not so small

Recent updates on whats happening near the Kilauea summit and the eruption of the volcano's since early May has not improved, now american media news has taking too because if the Kalina slump falls off in the ocean, Hawaii is only about 2500 miles away from Los Angeles and at the speeds of the tsunami it could take only about 4-5 hours, now with LA home to about 10 million people the action of evacuating the city would be too late. Kalina Slump is also known for a major a earthquake back in 1975 at the magnitude of 7.2 according to UC Berkeley recently article. however with the support of the national guard they are able keep constant live feed and updates on when and if the kalina slump will chip off and fall into the ocean creating a tsunami. Just recently Hawaii have over 500 earthquakes coming off the kilauea Summit, according to this is record high in the last 43 years. Parts of Hawaii has been ordered into evacuation such as the subdivision of the Leilani estates and Pahoa. no reportedly death tolls reported lately but the Hawaii government will be keep close to whats happening, until california and the city of los angeles goes under and emergency evac plan we dont think anything will happen on the major scale for the US.