Love before My Eyes 

By KT DA Bigga Figga

Yeezus Ye Interview

Kayne West 2018

Kanye West recently dropped Ye album on Friday June 1 2018. with only 7 songs created i believe Ghost Town Violet Crimes & Yikes, among them "Wouldn't Leave" in which he apologizes for his outrage to his wife Kim Kardashian for making a public statement " Slavery was a choice "  & his delivery of direct speech

Despite former president Barrack Obama and his comment on calling him an " jackass " Kanye West has long recovered and the album Ye represent just that, with the new release of G.O.O.D music record label president Pusha T; Kanye West produced it all

Daytona by Pusha T has been big hiit and it still creating talks among'st them all. I encourage you all to check Charlamane Da God podcast featuring Kanye West, some great insight of his last years. kanye West has been planning to build a community for expanding the Yeezus operations

Kanye West latest designs for his shoe collection Yeezus will be dropping this summer and the Yeezus 500 through Adidas will be released June 10. No word of Ye tour yet but with the last minute changes no one knows what could be. 

president Obama response to kanye west interrupting Taylor Swift - 


Ca. Prop 69

June 5 2018 brings in the new year for California as the election numbers roles in, but we don't think that this year it will be a huge success on voter turnout according to the propositions. Prop 69 is California passing to allow the legislature to use taxed money from 2017 and current year to be resourced for other transportation improvement "projects', and quote; we put quotations because we all know that California is seriously notorious for making changes and having things done on time. They promise to fix roads infrastructure and have updated commuting systems. but have you all taken a closer look at the government most sensitive and THE DMV but even with and underfunded organization there is less doubt to create a new system in a quicker time for faster processing times. Prop 68 proposes for California to create a bond and it be spend on building parks safer water drinking systems flood control etc...hello! wake-up we dont need a bill or law or propositions to build a park for children or climate adaption, this could be well just a luxury for some and what about the less fortunate communities and neighborhood to actually see some of those changes.! yeah right what these people are asking for are higher taxes and money spend for private meetings with STORMY DANIELS.,_Parks,_Environment,_and_Water_Bond_(June_2018),_Transportation_Taxes_and_Fees_Lockbox_and_Appropriations_Limit_Exemption_Amendment_(June_2018)

Proposition Results 

68- approved 69-approved 70-approved 71-approved 72-approved